Overview of your energy system

In this blog I’m going to be discussing chakras, and chakra meditation. And also etheric fields, healing through visualisation, mystic spirals, and a whole bunch of other cool stuff. A lot of the entries here are from a book I’m putting together about meditation and energy fields, but I thought I’d share it here first. Any and all feedback will be most welcome.

I’ve always been fascinated by chakras. They offer an easily accessible way to readily understand what might otherwise seem a very esoteric and mysterious process. What is great about them is that they are completely pre-verbal in nature: you don’t have to wade through densely written tomes or engage in years of training to comprehend their workings. You can begin working with them and making use of them almost immediately. I see them as being like the windows into the soul.

Much of the information contained here came to me during my meditations in the form of intuitive insights and visions, which I did not come to make sense of until some time later. There is nothing particularly unique about this; if you pursue any intense meditation system for long enough, sooner or later visions and insights will start to come to you. You simply ask the Universe for answers. Wherever possible, I supply citations and sources for the assertions I make.

Whereas many view the chakras as being these rather arcane mystical entities, I propose that there is a sound, rational, scientific basis for them. Part of the reason d’être for this book is to simply describe them as they are – a naturally occurring physical phenomenon that can be studied and utilised the same way as any other.

Before we get into chakras proper, let’s talk about the human etheric field. This is a very faint field of electromagnetic force which extends from several inches to several feet from the physical body, depending on the individual. The more charisma and life energy a person has, the stronger the field and the greater its reach. The reason the field exists is that it is a by-product of electrochemical processes that take place within individual cells. Any electrical activity always produces a magnetic field around it. Therefore, each and every cell in the body is surrounded by a tiny, vanishingly faint magnetic field. When you take the magnetic fields of all of the billions of cells in the body, they combine to form the overall etheric surrounding the body. Every living system is surrounded by such energy. The field is not static; it is in constant motion. The cells of the central nervous system, whose purpose is to transmit electrical signals, generate most of the magnetism of the Etheric. As signals are transmitted along their pathways, they push electromagnetic energy outward, keeping the field in motion.

Studies in Japan have shown that the physical body generates very faint amounts of visible light, though it is about 1,000 times less than the level which the eye can detect. Their initial theory is that the light is a byproduct of cellular reactions involving free radicals. (This should not be confused with infra red radiation, which is a result of body heat.) What they are in fact detecting are faint traces of the Etheric field.

To find out more about this light, researchers placed five bare chested male volunteers in a sealed completely darkened room every three hours, in front of cameras so sensitive they could detect single photons. They found the light detected rises and falls at differing times of the day, appearing to peak in that particular group around 4 pm, then gradually dropping off to reach its lowest point around 10 am. This would suggest that the field is influenced by physical energy levels and metabolic rhythms, exactly what you would expect if it were a product of cellular processes. Further research indicates that individual cells communicate and co ordinate their growth patterns electromagnetically, through the use of photons of light.
Now there are places in the body where the etheric builds up and becomes concentrated, particularly along the pathway of the spine, where the most electromagnetic force is generated. There are seven major places where the largest of these concentrations occur. We know them as chakras. When the etheric force builds up anywhere it arranges into rapidly spinning spiral patterns, like whirlpools of energy. In a dynamic free flowing energy system, anywhere the energy is concentrated quickly starts to rotate around itself. When you stir your coffee with a spoon you will see tiny spirals and curlicues swirling around the surface, where the energy concentrates. The mathematics of brownian fluid dynamics need not detain us here; suffice to say that free flowing energy will always organise itself into a spiral pattern when no other immediate force is acting upon it. Our Solar system is an immense spiral. The Milky Way galaxy an even bigger one. It is the spiral which defines much of our reality. The ancient Celts knew this, and constantly referred to it in their art. Their representations of mythical beasts whose limbs and tails ended in swirling vortices represents a subconscious understanding of how spirals are inextricably linked in with the life force. (I’ll discuss the significance of the Mystic Spiral in a future post.)

The ancient Hindus saw them as spinning wheels or discs, which is where the word chakra originally comes from. Ideally, they should all be the same size, be of a similar brightness, and be arranged precisely in a line. Unfortunately in the real world imbalances build up in the system over time, some chakras are concentrated on too much to where they become overly large and energetic while others become tiny and weak. They can also be knocked out of place by accidents or other traumatic events.
Human consciousness resides not just in the brain, but also extends down into the central nervous system. What we think of as the subconscious and the unconscious reside deep within our chakras. In this sense, chakras are also centres of consciousness. When we sleep, the focal point of our consciousness sinks from the brain (outer awareness) into the body (inner awareness) and goes on a sort of journey through the chakras, where we sort out and smooth over any imbalances that have occurred, and sort out our memories of the days events. The less imbalances there are, the easier the journey and the better the quality of our sleep. The landscape of dreams is really our minds interpretation of all the energy patterns we encounter within the chakras, where our deepest memories lie. Nightmares are the result of a massive buildup of foreign energy that has become trapped within one or more of the chakras. The better we understand our chakras, and how they connect us to our surrounding environment, the better we can manifest for ourselves what we really want.

In the next article I’ll go over a meditation and visualisation technique involving chakras, which can greatly increase our power of manifestation by strengthening our Earth connection.


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