Introduction to Chakra meditation

In this post I’m going to go over the basics of my own system which I’ve developed, which I’ve been using for many years now. It’s a little bit different from other methods you may already be familiar with, but it is incredibly effective once you get into it. It combines elements of several different disciplines I’ve studied in-depth over the years, including Kundalini yoga, transcendental meditation, intense colour visualisation, and guided meditation.

So, in this meditation we are going to go through all the major chakras, focusing our attention on each of them in turn, starting at the Root and working our way to the Crown. But we will not end there – we then reverse the process and work our way back down to the Root again, focusing our attention and energising each of them in turn. Why is this? Well, I’ve found the problem with some meditation techniques is that they can sometimes leave the practitioner feeling slightly ‘spacey’ and light-headed afterward. By ending the chakra meditation back in the root, we can ground ourselves properly by sending the focus of our energy into the Earth. It ensures that our energy fields resonate more closely to the natural wavelengths of the surrounding environment. When done properly, it is a powerful clearing technique. By harmonising your energy with The Earth you remain balanced and healthy. This promotes calmness, emotional well-being, and helps rid the system of harmful energies which can make us physically ill by letting them be absorbed and neutralised by the Earth.

Close your eyes and gradually clear your mind. Take slow deep steady breaths. Let the energy of the breath suffuse throughout your entire body. Let any thoughts that occur rise and then dissipate. When you feel relaxed enough, draw your concentration down to the area between the legs, right at the bottom of the spine. This is your root chakra, your primary connection with the Earth. See a pool of bright red light expanding outward from there. A bright ruby red, shining from deep within your core. See it as vividly as you can. If you find it difficult to visualise, just think of a fruit which is really red, a tomato or a red pepper there. Imagine it glowing from within.

Now take a deep breath. Imagine that breath flowing down into the root, enlivening and enlarging it. Hold it for a few seconds, then release it slowly.

Next, take your concentration to the area just below your belly button. See in your mind an expanding pool of bright orange, like an orange fruit, really bright. Breath in, sending the energy of your breath right into it. See it expand, become brighter.

Now over each hip imagine two smaller pools of orange. Feel your stomach fill with orange till it’s full.

Now, place your concentration in the area just below and between the ribcage, at the Solar Plexus. See an expanding pool of bright yellow, glowing and dynamic like the Sun. Bright and energetic. Breathe in deeply and send the breath there. Feel the energy.

Then, in the centre of the chest see a pool of green, cool and soothing. It expands and fills your entire chest, almost to the shoulders. Now see both your palms glow a bright green. The small chakras in the palms lead directly to the Heart. Breath in deep and send the breath into it. Now breathe in again, and send the breath into the two smaller chakras in each shoulder. Feel how they come alive. Now breathe in again and send the energy down into each of your hands. Feel them glow a rich green.

Now a pool of bright blue, like the sky, in the hollow of the throat, bright and cheerful like a sunny day. Breath in deep and send the energy of breath there. Feel how it glows with health.

Then, between and just above the eyes an expanding circle of rich deep blue, like a twilight sky. Then two more spots of indigo on the sides of the head above each ear. Breath in deep and send the energy of breathe into it. Now, take another deep breath, and imagine the breath flowing into the two smaller chakras on either side of the head. Feel them expand outward.

Finally we visualise a large pool of purple violet right at the top of the head. Make it huge and expansive. Reaching upwards. Stay here a little longer than you did with the others. Feel its wisdom, its peace. Feel how it keeps you safe. You are protected, all is well. Breath into it. Let it expand upward.

Now we will go back the way we came again. We focus and expand the forehead royal blue, the throat sky blue, the chest green, the centre of the abdomen yellow, the stomach orange, and the pelvis red. Don’t rush it; take the time to see and feel each centre. This time, push the red outwards from between the legs and downwards toward the Earth. Then visualise two pools of red in each ankle. Make the red in the ankles expand into the ground also. Take a little more time out let yourself be fully relaxed. Let whatever troubles you melt away. You are protected and safe.


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