Writing Meditation

Having a mind that’s still and clear is an important discipline to learn; you don’t want to clutter your mind with too many thoughts bouncing around in it. They distract you from your true self, and make it that bit harder to be in the moment.

Having a mind full of overly verbalised thoughts can have an off-putting effect on others and in the end drives them away. When thoughts are overly verbalised it can make the energy field ‘flutter’ in a way which is not peaceful. It’s like stirring up water and making it all choppy. Even if you are just sitting there in apparent silence, if your energy is not unified and peaceful people will shy away. What you want is to be calm and still, like a clear lake. People are attracted to calmness and serenity, and avoid chaos and uncertainty.

One means of keeping the mind clear is to get all your thoughts down on paper. (Or whatever is to hand.) The very act of writing down ones thoughts and getting them all out is balancing in itself. It is meditative in nature in that it encourages the mind to go within, and clear out whatever has been floating around in the subconscious and bring it out into the light. It is a means of processing out inner thoughts, which can otherwise build up and cause unconscious tensions.

Don’t worry if you don’t feel you have anything to write about at first. Writers block comes as a result of thoughts and ideas being reflexively self-censored and pushed to the back of the mind. Unspoken ideas that have been pushed backwards create mental blockages that prevent the formation of original ideas. The way to overcome that is to simply write down absolutely everything that comes to mind, regardless of whether it seems foolish or irrelevant or unacceptable. No one will read it but you. The Artists Way mentions doing morning pages, where you spend some time each morning writing down whatever comes into your mind, no matter how trivial or apparently ridiculous, without censoring or holding anything back. This clears pathways for when the real flowing of ideas begins. The key to creativity is to be as clear and unblocked as possible. You want to be an open channel. The trick is to keep going and going: if you just write a couple of paragraphs and leave it at that, nothing much gets processed out. You’ve got to keep going until you feel like you’ve said all you’ve got to say and you’re done. And when you’ve reached that point, pick up the pen again and write some more, and keep writing. This is where the real stuff will start to come out, when you’ve got to reach even deeper down inside yourself to find things to put on paper. I call it ‘writing past the boundary.’

If you persevere for long enough you will reach a state of mind where ideas begin to flow freely – then you reach a special place where magic happens. Provided you’ve cleared out all the clutter first. For some people journalling about their lives will do it. For others, it will be essays, or fiction, or poetry, or song lyrics. It can take any form. Just as long as what comes out is the real thing, pulled out from the very core of your being. But you’ve got to keep going, past the point of mental exhaustion, before you reach the special place of The Truth. When you do, you will be amazed at what emerges.

Get a pen. Do it now.


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